Social media post campaign

A social media campaign to promote product features.

For this campaign, we worked with Engine Mobile a SIM card company.

Parentshield is a part of Engine Mobile, with additional parental features within the SIM card.

The company designed these child-safe SIM cards to help parents feel more at ease when buying their child a mobile phone for the first time. Allowing kids to have the benefits of a mobile phone, without any risk.

The SIM card comes with tons of parental protection features. So, it can be difficult to explain everything in one image – so we decided to do a post for each of the primary features of this SIM.

Our aim was to make each of the posts easy to understand and fun. We chose bright, bold, child-friendly colours and a child-like font to appeal to parents with children in the age range of 5 – 13 years old.

We wanted to answer the questions or fears that parents might have at the thought of getting their child a mobile phone.

The copy was cut down to express each of the features in a clear, concise, and easy to understand way.

This is an image series made for social media posts
This is an image series made for social media posts

What we learned

Through doing the social media post campaign we saw which of the product features received the most engagement from our audience. This gave us a better idea about the features resonated with parents and potential buyers of the product. And helped us to know what to promote further on social media.

Using this knowledge to know which posts to boost or promote further on social media.

The campaign also lead to an increase in sales and we were all incredibly happy with the results.


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