Photo editing to brighten photography

Brightened and edited image of a peak in the yorkshire dales

Why use photo editing to enhance and brighten your photography?

A nicely enhanced and brightened image works much better in advertising and marketing materials.

This is because, as humans, we are attracted to things that are brighter and prettier. So these things will stand out to us more when we are looking at things online (or when looking at printed marketing).

And, it’s shown in the way that humans process information too – as our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text.

So, a brighter and nicely edited image in your advertising will attract more attention from your customers.

As well as this, a photograph reflects the quality of the thing you are trying to sell. Quality photography and imagery will make consumers trust your brand more, instantly.

yorkshire dales image to be edited
Before edit
Brightened and edited image of a peak in the yorkshire dales
After edit

Increase your customer’s interest

Let’s look at the example above and imagine the photograph was taken for a cottage advertising a stay – with this being the view from the front door.

The image on the right is more appealing, as it seems sunnier, warmer and more vibrant.

dull image that requires editing to improve the look through photoshop
Before edit
brightened photograph using photoshop editing to improve the look
After edit

What are you looking at?

In the photos above, you can clearly see the one that stands out more. In fact, I’d bet your eyes went to that image first.

If you are an estate agent looking for ways to improve your marketing online and get more customers, a simple way would be to improve the quality of your images and make them stand out more.

If someone is scrolling through hundreds of listings of houses, they are going to click on the ones that look the nicest.

And this goes for any sort of business – fast food, restaurants, hair salons, nail bars, book stores, etc.  you get the idea.


To summarise, why should you use Photoshop to enhance your photography and marketing online?

  • Attract the attention of potential customers with brighter imagery
  • Seem more credible to consumers because of higher quality images
  • Stand out more online, where it is competitive and hard to get noticed


If you are interested in having us edit some of your photographs for your marketing materials please get in touch. It’s a quick job and we’d love to be able to help you with it.

More examples of photo editing

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