Flat style logo design

logo design for a startup mobile phone company, designed and branded by motacilo marketing

Start-up company logo design

We designed this logo for a completely new SIM card company. The company, called Engine Mobile, sell SIM cards that come with call and text recording software.

This logo was designed to reflect the additional protective features of the SIM card. Though, it also was intended to be flexible for different industries. 

We chose a strong font and the shield shape to demonstrate that the SIM card is secure and trustworthy. The additional text and phone icons are reflective of the main features, but still vague enough to allow the company to branch out in the future.

The company now focus on ParentSheild. A company specialising in parental protection SIM cards. They utilise the recording technology and add several other features to help parents feel at ease when buying their child a mobile phone for the first time.

More examples of our graphic design work

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