We worked with home improvement quotes to re-brand their business and design a new layout for their 17 ‘quoting’ websites.

Our goal was to create a brand and website design that was modern and would build trust with any potential customers coming on to their websites. We also wanted to ensure the design was easy to recognise as a home improvement website.

Design Brief: To bring all of the Home Improvement Quotes websites under one main brand, and to create a more clean and cohesive look for the websites that will appeal to homeowners in the UK.

Home Improvement Quotes(HIQ) is a homeowner facing a brand within the lead generation company Price Engines. HIQ has a series of websites designed to provide online pricing estimates for home improvements to UK homeowners. We worked with them to create a more cohesive brand for their series of websites designing new logos, websites, HTML email templates, email signatures, landing pages and more. 

They have 17 websites to promote the different home improvement products that they provide quotes for. Each of these quoting websites was created, branded, and designed at different times. This lead to a huge amount of variety within the branding of the websites, as you can see from their old logos below.

Their old branding

New branding designed by us

home improvement company logo design and re-branding in midlands

Their old logo looks old fashioned and eludes to their other brand ‘Price Engines’. Price Engines is their B2B brand to sell leads to home improvement companies. As this is not relevant to the homeowner we wanted to move away from it and create something fresh, fun and relevant. 

Their old branding

New branding designed by us

New branding designed by us

home improvement website design and branding in the midlands

We wanted all of the home improvement quotes family of websites to look like they belonged together. So, we took the house from the new logo design and used this as a background from which to highlight the products of each of the websites.

The products have also been split into different categories, each with a different colour. These separate colours differentiate the sites from one another whilst still maintaining the same feel and overall design.

Their old branding

New branding designed by us

New branding designed by us

home improvement website design and branding in the midlands graphic design

Some other things that we designed for them

motacilo animated GIFS for home improvement website design
GIF designed animated for home improvement website
GIF for home improvement website design attractive and fun
graphic design renewable energy diagram designed for home improvement website
email signature designed for home improvement website

It was an absolute pleasure working with Home Improvement Quotes to improve their brand identity and website design. The end result is clean, modern, and easily recognisable as being in the home improvement sector.

Their brand identity online is now more cohesive and recognisable. Helping consumers to trust their brand and build a relationship with them.

If you would like any of the graphic design, website design or branding services outlined here for your business then please get in touch with us

Things we designed for Home Improvement Quotes

  • New branding for 17 websites
  • Updated website design
  • Email newsletter layout (HTML)
  • Email newsletter content
  • Email signature design (HTML)
  • ‘Thank you’ email design
  • Renewable energy diagrams
  • Landing pages for emails newsletter
  • Animated GIF’s for web and email
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