Freelance website and graphic design in the Midlands

Freelance website and graphic designer in the Midlands - Kerry!

Hi, I’m Kerry. I set up Motacilo to work as a freelance website designer and graphic designer in the Midlands. This is so that I can do the work that I love every single day.

Although I am working from Derby, in the East Midlands, I am still able to work with companies all over the UK. I work online so I’m not limited – skype, phone calls and emails are all I need!

My Journey

Throughout my life, I have always been a creative soul, following different creative paths before finding graphic design, website design and marketing.

During my teenage years, I thought I wanted to act, then I went behind the camera studying Film Production at University. I stayed behind the camera working in a photography studio, running shoots and editing images for a short while. Next, I worked several years in different marketing and graphic design roles.

All of this has helped to shape my skills in graphic design and website design, through various projects I have done along the way.

So, what does Motacilo mean? 

This has been our most frequently asked question. Clearly, lots of people have wondered what this means and why it is relevant to freelance graphic design and website design.

Simply put, it means Wagtail in Esperanto.

Esperanto is a language, designed in the late 18th century as a new world language. For the aim of bringing people together and improving worldwide communication.

There were even three films made entirely spoken in Esperanto, one starring William Shatner from Star Trek!

Ultimately, we chose Esperanto for our business name because it was a language designed for effective and easy communication. And at Motacilo we want to ensure your business communicates effectively with your customers. We do this through our affordable but beautiful website and graphic design.

Freelance graphic design and website design in the east midlands with Motacilo
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